Best CBD balms & salves for sale

A CBD balm or topical may offer an option for treating different types of chronic pain: fibromyalgia, gout, HIV, multiple sclerosis, neuropathic, and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies found that applying CBD topical cream or balm directly on the problem area helps to lower pain and inflammation. CBD works by impacting cannabinoid receptor activity in the body, reducing inflammation, and interacting with neurotransmitters.

Researchers also found that subjects did not build up a tolerance to the effects of CBD, so there was no need to increase dosage continually. Unlike some pain medications, CBD is not addictive and does not have any intoxicating effects, offering much relief for people who have chronic pain.

Balm isn’t just restricted in usage to the sensitive skin around your mouth. Imagine the soothing, healing, softening effects of a freshly-applied lip balm all over your skin. Not greasy—just a beautifully revitalizing experience.

Now that the advantages of CBD have come to light, brands have began manufacturing balms infused with CBD to help improve skin conditions or to add a gentle touch of self care.

Best CBD topical balms in the market for sale

1. CBD CBD Oil Biotech CBD Balm

CBD Oil Biotech CBD Cream 1500MG is the ultimate CBD cream for athletes. This concentrated, CBD oil lotion has menthol and natural CBD infused hemp oil (sourced from industrial hemp).

Rub CBD Oil Biotech CBD Cream into your skin and feel what happens with natural, CBD hemp oil with menthol.  The most popular form of topical CBD oil, CBD Cream is most effective in high concentrations like 1500 mg Biotech CBD Cream formula.

With probably the highest concentration of CBD in the market at 1500mg, this pain relieving & soothing cream, this product is getting rave reviews and quickly rising up the charts of CBD topicals, especially  for pain.

We have had great success with the product is fairly easy to put on it goes a long way and it’s not greasy or sticky all in all I have tried every pain medication from anywhere and the only relief I have gotten is from CBD.

It does help. Some times better than other whole ch I can not figure out why. I wish it came with a small applicator so tha cream pie s not wasted. That would a great addition. I use this in conjunction With the gummies. I will continue to use as long as it goes me some relief from pain.

2. Lazarus Naturals Lavender CBD Balm

CBD is all about keeping you calm and collected, which is why the Lazarus Naturals Lavender CBD Balm is such a good buy. Their balm comes in multiple scents, including mint, cedar citrus, and unscented, and lavender’s association with improving with anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain make it the perfect accompaniment to CBD.

This particular balm comes in two sizes. The smaller is a 0.5 mL jar which contains 300 mg of CBD. The larger size ups the content to 1500 mg of CBD in a 2 oz jar of all-natural balm.

The balm is made with organic ingredients like mango butter, beeswax, and fractionated coconut oil. Along with the hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD extract, it’s proudly made in America from non-GMO plants.

This is a top-rated CBD brand that shines both in their edibles and their topicals. The larger of the two containers ends up being an incredible bargain for its potency. Even if you want to start small and see if it works, it’s worth the investment and there are plenty of happy reviews to convince you it’s worth a try. It’s ratings, reviews, ingredients, and options come together to make it our #1 choice among the 10 best CBD balms.

Best for: A CBD balm with a relaxing scent at a reasonable price.

3. PlusCBD-Oil Balms

+CBDoils balm is one of the best CBD balm available in the market. This thick soothing CBD balm is made from the finest hemp extract and a rich array of plants. This botanical superstar revitalizes your skin, leaving it calm and moisturized, with a fresh and cool sensation. Available in a travel size and in a convenient hemp stick that can easily be applied hands-free.

Apart from the CBD content, the balm also contains an array of other soothing ingredients that have various benefits.

    • Sweet almond oil – Since ancient times, Hindus have used a paste of crushed almonds as a cleanser of the body. Now one of the most frequently used oils in beauty products and one of the most adaptable, it’s used in formulas designed to reduce fine lines, moisturize the skin, and create a glow. Almond oil is a powerful antioxidant ingredient that functions as an ideal massage oil. It is non-comedogenic (does not block the pores) and is extremely well-tolerated, even for delicate baby skin.


    • Beeswax – utilized for skin health since before written history, beeswax has the unique property of causing three different kinds of moisturizing:
      • humectant – pulling moisture from the air to the skin.
      • emollient – directly moisturizing the skin.
      • occlusive – creating a barrier to seal in moisture (a German study found beeswax superior to other barrier creams.)


    • Glyceryl stearate – a naturally derived fatty acid found in palm kernels, olives, coconut oil, and the human body, glyceryl stearate is added because it thickens the formula – making it smooth and creamy – while also moisturizing like an emollient


    • Willow bark extract – used for centuries to soothe irritated skin, this versatile extract contains salicin [the anti-inflammatory from which salicylic acid is derived (aspirin)], as well as being high in tannins, phenolic acids, flavonoids and various minerals that soothe the skin, aid in cell regeneration and create a more youthful, refreshed complexion
    • Scouring rush horsetail extract – an herbal remedy for centuries, horsetail stands out in the cosmetics world because it is reported to contain more silica and silica acids than any other herb, in a form highly absorbable by the body. This high content of silica helps to maintain the connections of our skin to soothe, tighten, and rejuvenate


  • Tea leaf extract – made from the leaves and buds of green tea, this extract is a potent antioxidant that moisturizes the skin both as an emollient and a humectant.
  • Safflower seed oil – It acts as a lubricant for the skin and is beneficial fatty acids help diminish signs of aging and the occurrence of dry skin.

4. Joy Organics CBD Premium Salve

Joy Organics’ Pharmaceutical Grade Salve is readily absorbed by the skin, addressing conditions like eczema or psoriasis while reducing inflammation and irritation. Unlike hemp tinctures, which have to go through the bloodstream before any effects are felt, this ointment is applied and absorbed locally.

This CBD salve is made with Phytocannabinoid-rich Hemp Oil, beeswax, medium-chain triglycerides and essential oils, which together provide a soothing sensation right after its application. Joy Organics follows strict quality guidelines, with all batches being tested by third-party laboratories to guarantee the maximum effectiveness, safety and legality.

This CBD ointment is priced between $0.10 and $0.12 per mg of pure cannabidiol depending on the chosen concentration. This is a very good deal considering the company’s high standards and clean extraction methods.

5. Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD cream- 1500 mg

LT Pain Master CBD Cream contains high-quality CBD sourced from industrial organic hemp oil. It’s the ultimate in a post-sports, post-workout relief cream for those demanding more from their bodies and their lives.

A topical CBD lotion specially designed with the athlete in mind and approved by NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, LT Pain Master CBD cream goes to work on contact with the skin. As hard-working as you are, this CBD lotion is formulated to give you the very best in pain relief, comfort, and rejuvenation.

I would give this product 100 stars. I am a runner with bad case of arthritis on my knees. Two surgeons recommended knees replacement and stop running. This was 3 years ago. However; with the help of this product i am still running and my pains are mild to none. My all families are using it now. I always make sure I have an extra one. Thanks to Lawrence Taylor and Diamond CBD for producing and saleing this product.

Relieves my husband’s shoulder pain within minutes,he no longer relies on prescription meds!! We are very satisfied

6. Reliva CBD Wellness Relief Cream 300mg (60ml bottle)

With Reliva, you get the best possible CBD products to support your best life. Made from high-quality natural hemp extract and the best ingredients available. Relax and be well with Reliva CBD Wellness Relief Cream 300mg (60ml bottle).

This CBD cream contains 300mg of CBD in a 60ml bottle. Reliva gives you excellent quality natural hemp extract. Therefore, their hemp plants and natural extract do not contain active levels of THC, so you’ll experience no psychoactive effects from using the CBD cream.

About Reliva CBD Wellness

Reliva stands out with their status as a premium health and wellness company with 75+ years of experience focused on retail partners and their customers. Proven industry veterans, CBD experts, and a national network of wholesalers and support personnel make up the Reliva team.

In fact, the founding member Kevin Young is a trailblazer in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries. Kevin has worked for the last seven years building multiple brands and businesses in a fast-growing sector. He has led the development, implementation, and distribution of medical and recreational cannabis and CBD products from the ground up.

7. cbdMD CBD inflammation formula – Recover

Enriched with high concentrations of CBD, Arnica, Vitamin B6, and MSM, cbdMD Inflammation Formula was a CBD balm designed with one goal in mind, recovery. Targeting inflammation caused by nerves, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, every unique ingredient has a specific purpose: Arnica for white cell stimulation, Vitamin B6 to repair inflammatory and arthritic damage, and MSM for increased flexibility and absorption within cellular walls. Be proactive and help your body get back to its optimal performance as quickly as possible. Made with 100% USA-grown and processed, non-GMO, organic hemp.


As with most products, recommended use will vary from person to person. Weight, size, and severity of pain will impact needed amounts and user effectiveness. Intense inflammation pain may require more application, while minor inflammation may require less. Starting with a small amount and monitoring pain before applying a larger amount is encouraged.


Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Coconut Oil, Cannabidiol (CBD), Organic Arnica Flower Extract, Vitamin B6, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Histamine Dihydrochloride, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Glycerin, Sweet Basil Leaf Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Roman Chamomile Flower Oil, German Chamomile Flower Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Citronella Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Helichrysum Flower Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Pink Grapefruit Peel Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Ravensara Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Spearmint Oil, Wild Oregano Oil, Organic Cypress Oil, Sweet Fennel Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Lavender Flower Oil, Organic Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid.

8. Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Infused Balm Soothing Scent

Charlotte’s Web is well known for their high-potency tinctures, but now they’ve entered the ring as providers of hemp-based topicals as well.

The 1.5 ounce jar of their Hemp Infused Balm has 450mg of CW’s high-quality CBD hemp extract within a nourishing botanical blend. The main ingredient is organic sunflower seed oil, but there are plenty of other organic plant-based ingredients like shea butter and cocoa seed butter to whip up this smooth balm.

They’ve already made this balm incredibly affordable, but you can save even more with a subscription. Choose an auto-renewal monthly, bimonthly, or biweekly, and get 5% off each time.

9. Papa & Barkley CBD Hemp Infused Balm

Papa & Barkley’s soothing, relieving salve is made from all-natural ingredients grown on Colorado farms. This artisanal blend includes beeswax, a naturally occurring antibacterial that retains moisture to keep skin hydrated, plus essential oils. Available in 15ml jar containing 180mg of CBD and 50ml jar containing 600mg of CBD.

Papa and Barkley is a company with a major marijuana proposition. In light of local laws, they also introduced a full line of simply essentials made with nationally-allowed CBD.

The origin story of this balm is one many people may find resonates. Adam Gross, the creator, used a homemade balm to deliver mobility back to his father who was in an otherwise hopeless and bedridden condition.

The balm applied to his battered back worked, and thus this line of products was created and named after the man who first received it and his faithful companion.

10. Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream 100ml

A powerful combination of CBD and certified organic ingredients, Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream provides a rapid cooling feeling, perfect for sore muscles and joints. Containing 100ml of CBD cream in a 3.4fl oz pump bottle with either 250mg or 750mg CBD.

This easy to use & apply CBD topical product is a powerful combination of CBD and certified organic ingredients. It provides a rapid cooling feeling to soothe sore muscles and joints. Each 3.4fl oz pump bottle contains 100ml of CBD cream. The rapid cooling CBD cream provides long-lasting relief for a significant amount of applications in a natural formula.

Important Considerations When Buying CBD Balm

  • Do not buy from just about any vendors selling on e-commerce websites like Amazon. It is difficult to confirm the authenticity and quality of the CBD products.
  • It is far better to buy USA grown hemp from certified growers. China is now a big exporter of CBD oil, topical creams and other CBD products and has captured over 10% of the global market.
  • Just buy CBD products that use the whole hemp plant, not only synthetics and not isolates, as the whole plant contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, the active compounds that give plants their taste and smell. Herbalists and medical experts on CBD believe that the terpenes in hemp work together synergistically with the cannabinoids to create an “entourage effect” that increases the healthy effects of each individual component. When CBD is extracted from hemp, the residual oil comes along with a host of active cannabinoids. CBG, CBN, and THC are among the counterparts of CBD that help to enact a positive change in how your skin feels.
  • Only purchase organically grown hemp making use of eco-farming routines and without pesticides and herbicides.
  • Ensure that the hemp is processed using CO2 extraction that is gentle, clean, and does not use severe solvents, ETO (ethylene oxide) or gamma radiation. This technique does not call for heat and the entire spectrum of cannabinoids are retained in the blend.
  • It’s a good option to purchase CBD products that are all natural and consist of no additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, or flavorings.
  • When shopping for CBD oil, the label should indicate how much CBD is in the bottle (in milligrams or mg) and its concentration (e.g. 1 drop = 2.4 mg of CBD).
  • Only purchase from a firm that provides third-party lab-verified test results for each batch of CBD it sells. Since CBD oil is not controlled, there is no guarantee the consumer will get what is being advertised by a company. The Certificate of Analysis (COA) verifies that the items truly contain what it claims as well as the concentration of the CBD.
  • It needs to include an evaluation demonstrating the levels of pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, mycotoxins, and heavy metals in the product. If the company cannot produce a COA, consumers are advised to not buy its products.

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